Ever wondered about generation Z?

Their voice is only a whisper right now, but we’re giving them a soapbox & a megaphone, so you can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.

We’ve gathered trends from kids aged 5 to 16, so you can understand their cares, concerns and ideas.


Imagine: If it were up to the children, who would run our country?

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2013 election

We all KNOW

Pink is a girl’s favourite colour


Overwhelmingly, both genders prefer blue, green & purple.

We all KNOW

Children are not interested in health issues

OR are they?

Smoking, exercise & alcohol; kids have a strong standpoint & are concerned for their health and wellbeing

A little bit about us

Who are we?


David Seedhouse

VX Creator


Denise Hamblin

Research Director


Melissa DeVincentis

Account Manager


Eleanor Saker

Research Executive

The ethics behind it all.

What’s up for grabs?


Annual Review Reports

Substantial report of the previous year/s in review with sentiment and key issues plotted on CBRs Millennium Monitor of Social Trends (80-100 pages). $39,900 + GST


Monthly Reports

Review of the previous month. Format always divided into sections of Health, Society, Environment, Education, Sport, Fun, Consumables (10-15 pages). $4,900+ GST a month and the annual review as complimentary if one year of monthly reports is purchased.


Customised Reports

An interested party can request a report on any specific topic (e.g. food preferences, public transport, reaction to an environmental issue, attitudes to public education) and a CBR researcher will investigate as to how much data there is and prepare a quote based on the length and depth of the report. Or, you present your budget and we revert with what can be prepared for this cost.


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